We talk about the benefits of woodworking classes for kids quite often. From an emotional and social perspective, woodworking provides children with a sense of competence, confidence, and responsibility. It also offers plenty of opportunities for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development, as well as strengthens their mathematical thinking, engineering skills, creativity, and inventiveness. Here at The DIY Joint, we teach kids how to make a handful of classic projects in our summer camp and after-school program that strike the right balance between all of these benefits. Let’s take a look at five of our favorites below.

Kids Woodworking Projects

Gumball Machines

There is something so satisfying about building something with your hands. It is even more satisfying when your creation distributes tasty treats like a classic gumball machine. This project provides kids with the opportunity to create and measure a design for their machine and then create it with just a few pieces of lumber and a couple of tools. It is by far one of the kids’ favorite projects.


If your child expresses an interest in woodworking, you might be tempted to buy them a toolbox to show your support. Why not let them build one? In our woodworking classes for kids, your child can do just that. Though it might seem like a simple project, it requires quite a bit of math, measuring, and joinery to ensure all sides fit together as they should. It’s more challenging than you think!


We believe in providing children with woodworking classes that evoke their creativity and provide them with something practical when the project is complete. This is why we love teaching kids how to make beautiful, sturdy shelves in our classes. From choosing lumber to selecting a finish, your child gets to enjoy the fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from making something incredible with their hands.


Any type of wood furniture is bound to be a classic kids woodworking project. In addition to teaching children how to make beautiful shelving, we love walking them through the steps of creating stools that are durable and functional. It can be challenging to create a piece that is balanced and stable, which allows your child to flex their mathematical abilities and problem-solving skills.

Storage Chests

Last but not least, we love teaching kids how to make storage chests because it allows children to express their personalities in ways that they may not be able to with other pieces. The hardware that they choose, the stain they select, and the details they add with a pyrography tool all lend themselves to a one-of-a-kind creation that is perfect for keeping in their room or giving to someone as a thoughtful gift.

Woodworking Classes for Kids in NJ

Are you in need of a quality after-school care program or summer camp in New Jersey? Would your child enjoy making one of the classic projects above? If so, enroll your child in woodworking classes for kids through The DIY Joint! Not only will your child learn the fine art of creating things with their hands, but you’ll rest easy knowing that your kiddo is in an environment that offers supervision while encouraging fun and creativity. Contact us today to learn more about our enrollment process.