The holidays are usually a wonderful time for a variety of reasons. You get to see your loved ones, especially the ones that you haven’t seen in awhile. You usually get to eat delicious homemade food, and tons of it, surrounded by your closest family and friends. And whether it’s skiing, board games with the family, sports on television, or classic family traditions, there is usually some activity that you are looking forward to doing with your people. But for many folks, the holidays also bring about a variety of stressors. Maybe you have to see some loved ones who you haven’t seen in awhile (and are glad of the fact). Maybe the logistical nightmare that is coordinating dinner for 30+ people is really starting to grind your gears. Or maybe the pressure of getting a good gift and spending a lot of money on a lot of gifts just offers a financial concern that no one likes dealing with.

While The DIY Joint in Hoboken, New Jersey can’t change the disposition of your less-than-pleasant family members, or help you cook a big meal for your entire extended family, we can help a little with that last one. During the holiday season, finding the right gifts for your loved ones is usually just as stressful as what your bank account looks like after you have purchased them. Both of these stressors combined can make the thought of gift giving during the holidays more anxiety producing than anything. But there is always a place in people’s hearts for handmade gifts, especially gifts that are practical and aesthetically pleasing, and not to mention they are almost always the cheaper option. 

And that’s where the furniture making classes from the DIY Joint in Hoboken come in. We offer a variety of incredible furniture making classes to folks all around Hoboken and the surrounding areas in New Jersey and New York, classes that can give you a consistent and still highly-effective route for providing holidays gifts for your loved ones (not to mention the woodworking skill you will pick up along the way). Keep reading to learn a bit more about our furniture making classes, and how they can save your future budget and your heart this holiday gift-giving season.

Why Handmade Furniture Gifts?

We have all seen the types of handmade gifts that we gave as children, the weird sculptures or eclectic drawings that our family members were usually kind enough to seem like they enjoyed. But as we get older and we start to maintain our own finances and a stable income, the expectations from others of gifts from you rises, even if it’s subconsciously. While most family members aren’t measuring your love by how much you spend, they would still like something enjoyable, practical, or personalized as a gift, because they are likely finding something like that for you. 

But handmade furniture is not just something weird you bring home from art class. Making furniture requires time, effort, and the inclination to create, and the final furniture product you have at the end is usually as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. For any loving family member, it will be clear as soon as they see the piece of furniture of how much effort and  compassion went into the crafting of this gift. And because you know and care about your family members, you probably know what type of furniture piece would suit them in their home best. Maybe your mom needs a small table next to her reading chair, or maybe your grandfather is looking for an ornate box to house his indoor plants. Even if you aren’t proud with the final look, the personalized nature of the furniture piece will warm the heart and mind of your loved ones, because it shows you cared, and that’s really what gift giving is all about. 

Why Furniture Making Classes?

But why furniture making classes? Anyone can go to the hardware and lumber store and get what they need and try to figure it out themselves, right? Well, while they can, there are a variety of reasons that using a furniture making class is the better option for giving furniture gifts. Unless you have your own highly experienced and compassionate woodworking guide at your side like we do at The DIY Joint, it’s pretty hard to replace the hand-on, in-person experience and guidance that comes with a furniture making class. 

This is particularly important for giving a handmade piece of furniture as a gift as well, because unless it’s solely a decorative piece, it will be used to hold or support important things and important people. Without a furniture making class or an experienced woodworking guide at your side, you could make a piece of furniture that is unsafe or unsuitable for practical use, and that is the last thing you want your holiday gift for your loved one to be. This also applies to the appearance of your furniture piece. The angles of your cuts, the design decisions you make, and the even level of your surfaces are all pretty important to the larger appearance of the whole piece, and a furniture making class will give you the instructions and guidance you need to not only make it functional, but make it look good too.

Another benefit of utilizing furniture making classes for holiday gift-giving, is that the class itself is a gift that keeps on giving. Even without benefits of getting a quality handmade gift to give to your loved ones, you are still developing the beginnings of a woodworking skill that could last you a lifetime. The skills and methods you will learn will be a great personal achievement and experience, as well as giving you a perfect and personalized gift for your loved one. That also means that you can keep utilizing this skill and the pieces of furniture that come out of it for future holidays. By taking even just one furniture making class at a reliable woodworking shop like The DIY Joint in Hoboken, you can potentially have the skillset to make a personalized and handmade piece of furniture for all your loved ones, for the next few holidays to come.

Furniture Making Classes for Holiday Gifts – The DIY Joint

The holidays can be as fulfilling and enjoyable as they are stressful and exhausting, but usually the process of gift-buying and gift-giving falls into the latter rather than the former. But it doesn’t have to be this stressful every holiday. A furniture making class can give you a practical and personalized gift that your loved ones will love, not to mention a bit of woodworking skill that could service your gift-giving needs for years to come. Contact us today and see how the furniture making classes at The DIY Joint in New Jersey and New York can help you this holiday season.