There is nothing better than a night out on the town with a few of your closest girlfriends. You might opt to share a meal together, go see a movie, or head out to the dance club, but sometimes a change of pace is in order. The NJ woodworking classes that we offer here at The DIY Joint are perfect for your next girls’ night out, allowing you plenty of time and space to hang out with your friends and make something awesome. Check out three reasons why you’ll love our DIY woodworking classes and then contact our team to book your private party!

Why You’ll Love Our Woodworking Classes

Sip and Create

Chances are you are probably familiar with the sip and paint workshops around town. Some might even argue that drinking a little bit of alcohol as you create your masterpiece allows you to loosen up a little bit, let your creative juices flow, and truly enjoy yourself. It is with this sentiment in mind that The DIY Joint offers BYOB sip and create sessions that are perfect for private parties. If you and your girlfriends are tired of hitting up the bar down the street every Friday night, why not book a private party with us where you can bring your own beverage? You’ll not only have more fun, but you might even save some money!

Creative Collaboration

The sense of accomplishment that you get from creating something with your own two hands is pretty incredible. The only thing that might possibly trump that feeling, or at least come in at a close second, is collaborating with a few of your closest friends and making something together. One thing we hear time and time again is that our guests really enjoy our open-concept studio and woodworking classes for their private parties because of the opportunity they provide for creative collaboration between everyone present. Whether you’re bouncing ideas off your girlfriends or feeling inspired by our instructors, you’re sure to love our classes!

Friendship and Fun

Last but not least, you can’t forget about the two things that are at the core of every successful girls’ night out. Our woodworking classes enhance the friendship that you and your girlfriends share because you’ll be learning a new activity together. Beyond that, the BYOB sip-and-create environment, creativity, and collaboration make private parties held at our woodworking shop more fun than your run-of-the-mill night out. If you’re looking for a fresh twist on the typical sip-and-paint events around town, our woodworking class private parties are sure to be a fun and unique experience.

Book Your Woodworking Classes!

Are you tired of frequenting the same old haunts with your friends for girls’ night out? If so, why not consider shaking things up a little bit? Here at The DIY Joint, we host private parties that include DIY woodworking classes taught by expert instructors in an open-studio workspace. That means that you and your friends are guaranteed to receive expert instruction in a cool, laid-back environment while you enjoy each other’s company. Even better, you’ll have the opportunity to create something awesome with your hands, allowing you to memorialize one of the best girls’ nights you and your friends will ever have. Contact The DIY Joint to book your private party today!