Summer is in full swing and that can only mean one thing — kids across the Hoboken area are enjoying their newfound freedom and pushing the limits on their normal daily schedule and routine. Here at The DIY Joint, we know that you want your child to enjoy their summer, but you also want to make sure they are safe and being cared for properly. Our woodworking classes for kids cover all of the bases, and your child will love coming to our summer camp every day. You might have missed the enrollment period for this year, but it is never too early to start thinking about next summer. Check out some of the benefits our summer camp for kids offers below and contact us to learn more!

3 Benefits of Summer Camp

Prevents the “Summer Slide”

The term “summer slide” describes the learning loss that some kids experience over the summer due to a lack of academic engagement. Math skills and reading comprehension are the first and most common areas of regression that can easily be avoided with fun and interactive academic engagement. Between reading and calculating measurements, your child will flex their reading comprehension and mathematical skills every day when their take part in our woodworking classes for kids — and they’ll make something awesome while they are at it!

Nurtures Social Skills

Our summer camp for kids is designed to offer plenty of opportunities for your child to socialize and interact with other children. In the studio, they will get to collaborate with other kids as they are building their projects. From offering a helping hand to learning a new concept together, kids develop strong bonds with each other during summer camp. This is far better than them sitting at home alone parked in front of a television or playing on their tablet for hours on end.

Enhances Self-Confidence

During the course of our summer camp, campers will create a mix of fun and practical projects, building things like kinetic sculptures, furniture, and games in our woodworking classes. Once the projects are completed, we’ll take the kids to a local park to test them out. This allows children to experience both success and failure, both of which are critical to helping your child build a strong sense of self-confidence.

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Are you thinking about what you’d like your kids to do during the summer days while you are at work? Don’t spend money on a babysitter, enroll them in woodworking classes with The DIY Joint! Our summer camp program is open to children ages 10 to 16 and they are incredibly affordable.

The program is led by Christopher Murphy, a grade-school woodworking teacher with 10 years experience, and Priscilla Van Houten, founder and owner of The DIY Joint, ensuring your child gets the best instruction possible. We’ll provide your child with two snacks, all you have to do is pack a lunch and drop them off for a week-long immersion into the incredible world of woodworking. Contact us today to learn more!