Welcome back to the DIY Joint blogs pace! We are thrilled to be able to utilize this space to share some industry knowledge and passion regarding woodworking, joinery, carpentry, and the like.

Looking back on recent posts, we’ve covered quite a bit of ground over the past year or so. We’ve discussed: the difference between woodworking, carpentry, and joinery; safe practices for woodworking; what you could make at a woodworking class; little-known facts about woodworking; the ancient history of woodworking; and private NY woodworking classes that we offer here at The Joint.

We bring these up not because we are big fans of hyperlinks and lists (although we can’t help but admit we are enthusiasts of such things), but rather so that our readers can get a grasp of what we do and who we are at The DIY Joint.

Who We Are

In sum, we want to be more than just a place where people learn how to use hand and power tools along with the basics of woodworking. That’s something we certainly look to accomplish at most every woodworking course, but there’s more to it than that.

We are invested in fostering a community, a community where folks can discover something about themselves by using their hands. We are creators at heart. There is something deeply powerful about personally creating something — complete with the challenges and even frustration that comes from learning a new craft. That’s why we say it’s not about what you make (though making a beautiful piece of furniture is far from the worst feeling in the world), it’s about the satisfaction of doing it yourself. We have a passion for empowering our woodworking students with the skills, tools, and space to make something awesome!

Woodworking FAQ

We’ll answer a few frequently asked questions in the meat and potatoes of today’s post, but be sure you check out the glowing testimonial we recently received. We will always take the opportunity to let someone else do a bit of marketing for us! Plus, it’s a wonderful, inspiring read! For now, let’s answer some questions about NJ woodworking classes at The DIY Joint some of our readers may have.

Q:  Is there a difference between regular woodworking classes and DIY woodworking classes?

A: Our DIY, or do-it-yourself woodworking courses are easier and more straightforward. They involve one-day projects for anyone who is looking to learn or develop a skill in just a few short hours. In contrast, our woodworking classes are more in-depth and challenging. They prepare students to be able to apply the skills and techniques learn in class in an independent setting. Woodworking classes are usually held over the course of a number of sessions — doing so solidifies skills learned in class. Otherwise, it might be easy to forget the techniques students have worked so hard to develop!

Q: Do you offer woodworking classes for kids?

A: Although we don’t offer regular woodworking courses for children, we intermittently provide woodworking workshops for students who are younger than 16 years old. However, if you are a parent who is interested in scheduling a private lesson (for one-on-one work or a group-session), we’d be happy to set one up. Either way, it’s a great idea to sign up for our newsletter on our homepage so you can stay up to date on future kids woodworking classes and other special events!

Q: Can I take a woodworking course from The DIY Joint even if I have absolutely zero carpentry, joinery, or woodworking experience?

A: Of course, that’s why we exist in the first place! In fact, the majority of our courses are designed with beginners in mind. When you browse our class schedules, you’ll notice that our classes are opened to all skill levels unless it is otherwise noted. And while you should expect the courses to be as challenging as they are fulfilling, don’t be intimidated! The majority of our students are beginners.

Q: Where are you located and how can I get there?

Our address is 51 Harrison St #A207, Hoboken, NJ 07093. We are a 15 minute walk from the Hoboken PATH station, and a 3 min walk from the 2nd Street Light Rail Station via NJ Transit. If you are traveling by car, there’s a public parking lot across the street at the Hoboken Business Center. It’s not too difficult of a trip!

Testimonial Spotlight

Like we mentioned above, testimonials like the one below help remind us of why we love doing what we do here at The DIY Joint:

Absolutely love this place and the owner, Priscilla! My first experience was back in September when I booked the cutting board class. Priscilla was the instructor and she was very clear in her teachings and the rules of the shop. She was professional, super helpful, and extremely patient with those of us in the class as we learned to use these high-powered tools. Upon completion of the course, you receive your certification for open studio. Since then, I’ve spent at least 5 hours a week at the shop working on my own personal projects. In fact, thanks to the DIY Joint and Priscilla, I’m working on opening my own Etsy shop now! (Sawdust and Roses — come check it out!)

The people attending open studio are like a little community. They’re so friendly, willing to answer any quick questions you may have (although everyone generally works on their own), and it’s nice to see the progress others are making on their projects, as well.

Additionally, due to Priscilla’s encouragement, I completed the hand tools utensil course this weekend, as well. It was a one-day course (9am-2pm) and Glen was the instructor. I must say, he is next-level talented. He makes it look so easy! It was exciting to learn something new about this new hobby that I love so much.

That said, I strongly recommend the DIY Joint to any beginner wanting to take a woodworking class to familiarize yourself with the tools, or even a novice just looking for a space to create. I would give this place 10 stars if I could!” – Cori R., Five Stars, Facebook

Thanks again, Cori, for taking the time to share your experience. We appreciate your kind words — and be sure to check out her Etsy shop if you aren’t planning on completing such woodworking projects yourself!

Book Your Class!

We hope you’ve been sufficiently informed and inspired by today’s post. We’ve meandered around a fair amount, what with our FAQ answering, pseudo-about us description, and testimonial highlighting, but at the end of the day it’s all about providing people with the chance to learn a new hobby — and doing so empowers our students to learn a bit about themselves in the process. If you are interested in finding a unique blend of challenge and satisfaction, browse our woodworking classes today!