Whether you are just getting your feet wet in the woodworking world or you are a seasoned woodworker, there may come a time when you need to rely on using a shared workspace to hone your craft. You don’t want to rely on just any open-space studio, though. The ideal studio has a number of important amenities, and the DIY Joint’s shared woodworking space in Hoboken has all of your needs covered. Check out our class schedule and our amazing open studio today!

Features of Our Incredible Woodworking Space

When you are looking for a shared workspace, you want to be sure the studio offers the following:

  • Plenty of space
  • A freight elevator
  • Access to professional-grade tools and equipment
  • A reliable WiFi connection
  • Plenty of storage

Plenty of Open Space

No matter what type of project you are working on, it is essential to have enough space in which to work. This is important not only for your comfort, but also for your safety and the quality of your finished project. No one wants to work in a cramped environment — your creativity and focus could suffer. Nor do you want to be stacking power tools on top of one another — that’s just not a good woodworking safety practice. While other shared workspaces may feel crowded or impersonal, the open floor plan at the DIY Joint give you the room you need to flex your creative muscles.

Freight Elevators

While many woodworkers choose to work on small projects, others may prefer to create pieces that are much larger in scale. This can present a logistical challenge when it comes to moving your piece, especially if you want to work on it in a shared workspace. The last thing you should ever have to worry about is how you will get your piece in and out of the shop, which is why we are happy to offer a spacious freight elevator in our studio. Not only is it handy for moving your project, but it is also convenient when you have a lot of tools you need to bring with you.

Tools and Equipment

Just as an artist uses a wide variety of tools to create stunning masterpieces, woodworkers rely on many different types of tools to build their projects. You don’t want to have to worry about bringing all your own tools from home when you take advantage of using a shared woodworking space — that would defeat the purpose of having a convenient off-site studio. Quality studios provide a wide variety of professional tools for their woodworkers to use. At a minimum, this should include:

  • A variety of hand tools – provide a peaceful and rewarding woodworking experience
  • Handheld power tools – help you complete your project accurately and efficiently
  • Table and band saws – allow for safe, accurate cuts every time
  • Miter saws – enables you to cut in both directions without flipping your piece
  • Jointers – produces flat surfaces and square edges
  • Air compressors – allows easy and efficient nailing and stapling
  • Orbital and belt sanders – allows for efficient customized sanding
  • Plunge routers – help with bit plunging, edge forming, slot cutting, and more
  • Drill presses – bores square holes in exact locations at specific depths
  • Planers – ensures consistent thickness along a board’s length
  • Grinders – keeps tools sharp
  • Mortise and tenon jigs – allows you to create precise, clean joints

At The DIY Joint, we have all of these pieces of equipment and more!

Reliable WiFi Connection

Being able to connect to the internet might not be that important for some woodworkers, but others rely on online tips and wisdom for creating their masterful pieces. Having a reliable WiFi connection can help you make the most out of your time in a shared woodworking space, and it can help you stream the music and podcasts you rely on for inspiration. Additionally, if you make pieces to sell on Etsy (or if you just want to show them off on social media), a WiFi connection enables you to upload your new product on the spot rather than waiting until you get home. Though it might not seem like a necessity, WiFi really is a must-have amenity for open studios.

Storage, Storage, Storage

Finally, what good would a woodworking studio be if it didn’t offer you some kind of storage in which to keep your tools and pieces? Sure, you could haul these things into the studio each time you come in, but it is far more convenient to keep them on site. When you take a woodworking class with The DIY Joint, you can store your class project on-site. For those who use our shared woodworking space beyond their class time with us, we gladly provide the option to reserve storage for wood and other items.

Woodworking Courses and Woodworking Space in NYC

Are you looking to brush up on your woodworking skills, or searching for the ideal place to churn out tables, chairs, and other pieces of handcrafted furniture? If so, then look no further than the DIY Joint in Hoboken. Our shared woodworking space offers a loft layout to provide you with plenty of space to work in, we offer storage for your pieces, and we have a wide collection of professional-grade tools that are available for you to use. Ready to learn more about our open studio? Call our Hoboken studio at 201-254-8926 today or connect with us online now — we can’t wait to hear from you!