Located in Hoboken, NJ, The DIY Joint is a unique place for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. You could be learned in the craft of joinery and still learn something from one of our expert woodworking constructors. Likewise, we have a passion for welcoming those who are unfamiliar with woodworking but are interested in learning a new hobby, a hobby that will hopefully turn into a passion in a very short period of time. Even for folks who aren’t interested in learning to make furniture or how to turn a bowl on the lathe (more on that private woodworking class later on in this post), we offer an open studio for self-guided woodworking.

Learn To Create Something With Your Hands

We’ll talk about the specific requirements of our open woodworking studio time below, but for now, we want to make sure that our readers know that everyone is welcome at The DIY Joint, because we believe that we are all creators at heart!

Our owner and founder, Priscilla Van Houten, launched The Joint because, as she puts it, “I couldn’t remember the last time I had satisfied what I now realize to be a primal need to make something tangible. As a young adult, I was so out of touch with my hands that I would rely on my husband to simply hang a picture frame. After years of watching channels like HGTV and DIY Network, I decided to overcome my fear of power tools and make something awesome.”

Predictably, Priscilla ran into a few different obstacles upon setting out on her woodworking quest: there was no space for storage, not enough time in the day to pick up supplies, not enough money to make it a realistic hobby, and what resources did exist were unreliable at best.

Undaunted, Priscilla found a way to overcome these common obstacles, becoming inspired to become a creator at heart. Though she felt capable and empowered after completing her first projects, she also knew that for others to experience this newfound joy, there was an opportunity to establish a place where people who want to use their hands to build something new could do exactly that.

Fast-forward to today, and The DIY Joint is a place where people can find woodworking classes in NYC along with so much more. We not only provide a space for people to learn, but we also offer tools, equipment, and the access to resources which everyone needs to get started.

In today’s post, we are excited to highlight a few of our summer woodworking classes we have on offer in Hoboken, NJ, which is right next door to Brooklyn. Keep reading if you are interested in developing your skills as a woodworker or even learning a brand-new hobby in the first place!

Introduction To Furniture Making – $599

In July, we have a few different opportunities to take this particular woodworking workshop. The next one starts on July 12 and lasts until August 2. The class itself is one of our favorites to provide because it offers woodworking beginners the chance to build a solid foundation for future woodworking projects, while they are still able to make a stylish round side table with a cross base.

What’s more, this woodworking class in NYC involves participants acquainting themselves with operating major equipment in the studio in addition to milling rough lumber square and learning about joinery along with glue-up techniques. Please note that completing the Introduction To Furniture Making grants participants access to open studio for personal use!

Bowl Turning On The Lathe (Private Woodworking Lesson) – $425

We are thrilled to inform our readers that Master Craftsman Glen Guarino is offering one-on-one instruction for our recently-acquired industrial-sized lathe. If you have interest in learning basic woodturning techniques, this woodworking course might worth considering. Upon completion of this class, participants will be able to turn their own bowl on the lathe. With six hours of private woodworking instruction and three hours of independent lathe practice, we are thrilled and proud to be able to offer this class which features Glen Guarino.

Please note that this class certifies participants who complete this course to be able to use the lathe during open studio time.

Utensil Shaping – $195

We do our best to offer a dynamic range of woodworking courses at The Joint, and our Utensil Shaping class is a testament to those efforts. Participants will investigate the art of using hand tools, which happens to be many-a-woodworker’s favorite aspect of the craft. Becoming adept in the use of hand tools requires a degree of concentration and skill that can only be achieved when you lose yourself in the process itself. This course is also taught by Glen Guarino, and involves designing, carving, and finishing a custom utensil — starting with a block of wood. Students ages 14 and up are able to attend Utensil Shaping, so if you have been looking for woodworking classes for kids, we’ve got you covered!

Milling Lumber: Cutting Board – $265

This is a great class to master the fundamental first step of any woodworking project — milling lumber “square.” This three-week NJ woodworking course with help students be more confident when using woodworking equipment, among which are the disc sander, drill press, thickness planer, and miter saw. Bring home a personalized cutting board while mastering the essentials of woodworking!

DIY Raised Planter – $195

The final class we’d like to highlight in today’s post is our DIY Raised Planter woodworking course. On July 26, from 6 to 9 pm, students get the opportunity to tackle the table saw, band saw, miter saw, and the pneumatic nail gun during this one day Raised Planter workshop. But, as is the case with everything you make at the DIY Joint, you get to take what you create home with you! The planter makes for an organic, classy accent to any bare wall or window in your home. This course is limited to only four students, so sign up today!

Make Something Yourself

It’s not about what you make at The DIY Joint, it’s about the satisfaction of making something yourself. Though, to be honest, it doesn’t hurt when you can take home with you a gorgeous side table or a stylish cutting board that you crafted yourself. But at the end of the day, we exist to provide our students with an empowering and fun experience. So you have no reason to be nervous; we want to encourage you to take a break from the monotony of everyday life. If you are interested in putting down your phone for a few hours so you can get in touch with a part of yourself that many of us in our society have forgotten, sign up for your NY woodworking class today. We’d love to have you!