What our customers are saying about The DIY Joint

Our passion at The DIY Joint is to empower our students and customers with the same feeling and ability that we have received from the craft of woodworking. All skill levels – beginner, intermediate, expert, hobbyist – are all welcome here for our classes, or perhaps using our facilities for open studio time.

Tools, Projects, and Classes

At The Joint, we have an assortment of tools and equipment to help you woodwork in any way you wish. If you take a carpentry class, you’ll create your very own Edison style industrial street lamp which you can take home at the end of the class to decorate your home, with your own handiwork! While you make the Edison Table Lamp, you will learn how to wire the lamp, from the socket down to the plug-end, and we will show you how to use a table saw, drill press, and even router. This is just one of the many woodworking classes we offer, and it’s absolutely perfect for beginners. At The DIY Joint, we strive to create a no pressure, educational, and fun environment for our woodworking courses. But before we get too carried away talking about all of our favorite classes and projects, let’s hear from what our students and customers have to say about The DIY Joint.


“Glad to have found this place for such a rewarding and creative experience! I love the cutting board I created from my 3-week course.  Loved learning about different woods, how to use the different equipment and tools, and the time carefully sanding and finishing my project.  Also, the place so clean, shiny and new!” – Jessica, 5 Stars

Thanks Jessica! Jessica was part of our Milling Lumber: Cutting Board woodworking course. Over the span of three weeks Jessica learned how to select wood from a lumberyard, and was taught how to use an assortment of woodworking equipment.

“Nice, clean layout with all the tools you’d ever need (but don’t want to buy). The shop safety class was the perfect introduction to the place and I can’t wait to start cracking away on a few home improvement projects. Thanks!” – Alex, 5 Stars

Alex has taken our shop safety woodworking class for beginners, which is a great way to familiarize yourself with our wide selection of tools, including a drill press, disc sander, and bandsaw.

“The DIY Joint is perfect for any crafty person looking to create an awesome, new project.  I never realized how satisfying it could be to actually build something for yourself! You also never realize how much work goes into building a table until you’re actually making one! I’m a total beginner with tools and wood in general, so at the start of the class I was not exactly “one” with the giant table saw. But as each class went on and the more the owner & instructor worked with me, the more comfortable I got and the more fun it became. Everyone can enjoy the pride that comes from building something of your own and telling people “I made that!”. Have to check this spot out. Fun, rewarding and overall an awesome experience. Can’t wait to start the next project :)” – Chelsea, 5 Stars

Thank you so much Chelsea, we are beaming with pride over here. Chelsea embodies the reason we do what we do. We aim to provide a safe learning environment while instilling our students with a passion for woodworking and really, simply creating something with their hands. As our founder and owner Priscilla Van Houten puts it so well, “It’s not about what you make, it’s about how it makes you feel.”

Our Passion

We are so happy our students like Chelsea, Alex, and Jessica all have had great experiences at The DIY Joint. If you are wanting to learn carpentry, or perhaps have just had a vague angst about yourself lately (maybe from staring at your phone and pounding on the keyboard too much), we would love if you looked into some of our projects and classes we are offering. Check us out!