Booking Policy: Studio time may be booked online up to 1 hour in advance. For bookings less than 1 hour in advance, please email us at to confirm availability. All materials such as wood, glue, sandpaper, screws, finishes, and finishing rags are not included, but please feel free to bring your own! We’re sorry but hours for no-shows and cancellations less than 2 hours in advance may not be refunded. You must be logged into your MINDBODY account to purchase or schedule open studio time. Only members who have successfully completed a qualifying workshop will be able to view or purchase hourly packages on their MINDBODY account. Packages activate on the sale date and are not eligible for expiration extensions.

The DIY Joint reserves the right to remove the participant’s membership status at any time.

Only two members are allowed in open studio booking at the same time. Members are not allowed to bring guests during their booked open studio time. Bringing a non-member to the studio will disqualify your membership.

Members are required to leave the studio at their booked time and cannot stay after their end time. If additional time is needed, members need to book additional time. Unused booked time is not refunded or carried over. Members should leave the studio by the end time and should plan their work accordingly to allow them to finish cleaning by the end of their booked time.

Members must thoroughly clean the studio, tools, floors, and workbench tops, and if needed, empty the garbage before leaving the studio. If additional cleaning is needed after the studio is left, there will be a $25 charge for every 5 minutes spent on cleaning, no exceptions! Leaving the studio without cleaning will disqualify your membership. If the studio is not properly cleaned, you will receive a warning the first time. Your membership will be revoked on your second warning.

Members are responsible for the damage made to the power tools, equipment, workbenches, as well as doors, walls, floors, windows, and ceiling of the studio. Accidentally triggering the Sawstop brake system will require remediation of the new brake, blade, and any other broken parts of the saw, and replacement fees will be charged in advance to the member’s credit card. Once the final charges are concluded, a refund for the overcharged amount will be refunded to the member. Any items broken during the open studio time will be the responsibility of the member. Normal wear and tear does not require remediation.

Bringing food and beverages to the studio, except water, is not allowed. There should be no food disposal to the garbage in the studio, as they may attract unwanted visitors in an industrial building!

Alcohol is not allowed in the studio. Consuming alcoholic beverages or smoking in the studio will immediately disqualify your membership.

Members are not allowed to leave any personal items in the studio, except in their rental space. Any items left in the studio other than the rental spaces will be discarded. The DIY Joint is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the studio, including the materials left in the rental space.

Rental space can only be used to store materials for work in progress. Members are not allowed to store extra materials in the storage spaces. Personal woodworking items, such as masks, goggles, and hand tools can be left in the rental areas. The DIY Joint is not responsible for any items stolen, damaged, or broken in the studio.

Disclaimers – Must Read

All services offered by BBK Creations LLC, DBA: The DIY Joint, will involve the operation of woodworking or other fabrication machinery, power tools, and hand tools, which may result in personal injury. Programs offered and other events also present a risk of personal injury to the member. Member understands and agrees that there are risks of significant injury, however caused, to him/her in their use of or our presence on BBK Creations LLC, DBA: The DIY Joint’s premises, whether within or outside its centers.

Members understand and agree that these risks of injury include, but are not limited to, slips, falls, trips, collisions, thefts, equipment failure or malfunction, or other such accidents or incidents that may result in injury, harm, loss, or other damage, including but not limited to economic, property, emotional, mental, physical, bodily, or any other type of damage including but not limited to sprains, torn muscles or ligaments, broken bones, strokes, heart failure, heart attacks, blindness, skin or respiratory disease, allergic reactions, disfigurement, paralysis, lacerations, amputations, severed fingers, death, or other forms of pain or suffering. Members fully understand, voluntarily accept, and specifically assume these risks of injury.

Members agree to release and discharge from all liability, and waive all claims, demands, and actions against, BBK Creations LLC, DBA: The DIY Joint, and its owners, operators, subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisors, employees, agents, independent contractors, vendors and volunteers for any and all injuries, harms, losses or other damages sustained their use of or presence on BBK Creations LLC, DBA: The DIY Joint’s premises or use of its facilities, equipment, services, programs, or activities, whether within or outside its centers, resulting or arising from the negligent acts or omissions of BBK Creations LLC, DBA: The DIY Joint, or the negligent acts or omissions of the member. Members agree to defend, indemnify, and hold BBK Creations LLC, DBA: The DIY Joint harmless against any and all claims brought by anyone against BBK Creations LLC, DBA: The DIY Joint related to such injuries, harms, losses, or damages.

By booking open studio time, members agree with the rules and the disclaimers above.

Booking Tips: Turn off your pop-up blocker. If no studio time appears for the New Jersey woodworking appointment type you’ve chosen (i.e. 4 hour session), search for a different appointment type (i.e. 2 hour session). Pricing option must be equal to or greater than the appointment you are trying to book; for example, you cannot use a 2 hour pricing option combined with a 4 hour pricing option to book a 6 hour block, they must be booked separately. Can’t find a time that works for you? Email us at and we’ll try our best to accommodate your schedule! The DIY Joint reserves the right to remove membership and open studio access at any time.