Here at The DIY Joint, we are the providers of some of the top woodworking classes in NYC and New Jersey. Located in Hoboken, we’re right next door to Brooklyn, just off of the Hudson River. We’re just a subway ride or two away (plus a short walk) from where you likely call home

Today, we’d like to explain what you can expect from taking a woodworking course at The DIY Joint. Obviously, you’ll be coming away from the class having crafted a piece of furniture, a lovely picture frame, or perhaps a minimalist bookshelf, but we’d like to express what sets us apart as a provider of local woodworking classes.

So keep reading if you are interested in getting some high-level info about how we empower you with the skills, tools, and space to make something awesome!

Enroll In A Qualifying Workshop

The first step is to enroll in a qualifying workshop. We have a few different options, so don’t worry if you are experienced in joinery, woodworking, and/or carpentry; you are sure to find something that will entertain and challenge you. Some of the options are found below.

Introduction To Furniture Making – Build a solid foundation for your future by making a minimalist round side table with a cross base.
Milling Lumber: Cutting Board – Over this three-week workshop, you’ll learn how to select lumber, mill rough wood square, and get familiar with major woodworking equipment.
Milling & Router Basics: Minimalist Bookshelf – A one-day workshop in which you’ll learn to mill lumber square, cut and plane, and use stacked blades on the table saw.
Open Studio Certification – We’ll teach you how to use major equipment found in the studio in a safe and competent way.

At Your Class, You’ll Learn Some Of The Following

How To Use Saws, Planers, Sanders, And More – These are essential tools to understand and be confident while using as you progress in your new hobby.
To Become Proficient Using Essential Hand Tools – back saws, carving tools, chisels, and others
That You Are A Creator At Heart – We have lost touch with our ancient identity – that we are physical creators.
To Be Both Empowered And Challenged! – Be prepared for a little bit of both; we are serious about having fun!

You’ll Also Get Access To A Range Of Perks!

Open Studio Time – Studio time can be booked up to twelve hours in advance.
Advanced Woodworking Courses – For example, you can take our woodworking class on Live Edge Side Table w/ Bowties & Colored Epoxy!
Affordable Wood Delivery And Storage Options – Get all the information you need right here.
Private Parties Of All Sorts! – Birthdays, corporate events, bridal party gifts, or an incredible date night – it’s all on the table!

Reach Out To Us Today!

If you have been looking for a new hobby, or perhaps for a way to connect with someone special in your life, we can’t think of many better ways than to create something beautiful. We’ll walk with you every step of the way, and by the end of it, you’ll be able to take home a work of art you can be proud to display.