The DIY Joint is your source for New York woodworking classes of many different kinds. In our previous post, Highlighting Our Summer Woodworking Classes, we took the opportunity to make note of a few our summer woodworking courses (as the title no doubt gave away) we are excited to offer at The DIY Joint. Many of our woodworking classes in NY are taught by experts in particular trades, trades that include woodworking, general contracting, furniture making, joinery, and beyond. This summer, we are thrilled to have Master Craftsman Glen Guarino join us to lead several courses — Bowl Turning On The Lathe, a private woodworking lesson, and Utensil Shaping. We are truly lucky to have someone with the ability and passion that Glen Guarino has. We’ll level with you — spots are limited, and they are going fast. So be sure to check out our list of woodworking courses on offer and sign up soon. Otherwise you might need to wait until the autumn or even later!

Below, we will say more about our private woodworking classes. But before we get to today’s promised topic, which also included highlighting the kinds of private corporate events and parties to which we play host, we’d like to do something we do nearly every blog post — remind our readers why we do what we do at The DIY Joint.

The Space Between Empowering And Challenging

We believe life is about finding a balance between what you know and what you don’t know — it’s about staying grounded in where you’ve come from and who you are while not being afraid to take a chance and try something new. These days, it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. There’s comfort in the familiar. Comfort in Netflix. Comfort in social media. But it’s just not enough. We are creators at heart, we humans, and we’ve always been that way. For all the benefits and privilege experienced in the 21st-century, the technological boon is not without its consequences.

One of them is us losing touch with who we are, with who are mothers and fathers and their ancestors were. We used our hands, probably because we had to in order to survive, but there’s more to it than mere necessity. There’s a unique satisfaction that exists when you challenge yourself to do something new; to use your hands and create something physically beautiful. That’s where the tension is — between the possibility of success and the chance of failure.

We’ll Show You The Way

Rest easy, we set you up for success at The DIY Joint. We empower our students with the space, tools, and skills to make something awesome. But you are the one who is bringing the passion, making the choice to learn a new hobby and find out something new about yourself. We love it. That’s the best part. With a shared workspace, pro-grade tools and equipment (which we show you how to use), and knowledgeable and approachable teachers, our joy comes from teaching folks who come from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels something new.

If you think your life could use a bit more pizzazz, step into the unknown. Challenge yourself! The results tend to be far greater than being able to take home a beautiful raised planter or side table — as wonderful as they might be!

Private Woodworking Lessons

Perhaps you’ve browsed our woodworking classes for the summer and early fall, but just can’t seem to find one that fits your busy schedule. Hey, we get it, calendars get filled in a hurry. A private woodworking course, that is catered to your schedule, might be the answer.

Or maybe, just maybe, you have a custom project in mind. Perhaps you are an experienced woodworker who is ready to take your skillset to the next level. Working with someone like Master Craftsman Glen Guarino can help you accomplish exactly that. The opportunity to receive one-on-one time from someone as experienced and refined as he…it’s well worth your time and tender. Trust us. Currently, our featured private lesson we have on offer is Bowl Turning On The Lathe, in which you’ll learn basic woodturning techniques, mounting techniques, adjustment methods, how to select the correct wood for your project, how to keep your lathe tools sharp, and much more!

Other topics our instructors in which our instructors have specialties are listed below:

  • Woodturning (Bowls, Table Legs, & More)
  • CNC Router (Signs, 3D Objects, Engraving, & More)
  • Hand & Power Tool Training
  • Guidance On A Custom Project (From planning to finishing)
  • Joinery Techniques (Handcut & By Machine)
  • Finishing Techniques

Our instructors are caring, skilled, fervent, and they love doing what they do. Get some tips and tricks from the best around, and take your woodworking ability to the next level!

Parties And Events

Birthdays. Holidays. Corporate. Team Building. Surprises. Wedding Decor. Bridal Party Gift. Party Favors…the possibilities are seemingly endless. No matter which of the above fits what you have in mind (if any), we would love to be a part of an exciting event. It might just be us, but we feel like corporate events that involve team building exercises, more often than not, could use a bit more hands-on activity. The inspiring talks from keynote speakers and the subsequent homework are all well and good, but if we are talking about a team-bonding experience folks won’t soon forget, The DIY Joint is well worth your consideration!

What’s more, all events are held at our loft studio in Hoboken, NJ. We provide all tools and materials needed, so all you have to do travel just one PATH stop away from NYC and Jersey City to let the good times begin!

Browse Our Classes!

We are currently accepting enrollments for our traditional woodworking courses from July 24 through December 23, 2018. Among the many classes we offer are an Introduction To Furniture Making, Milling Lumber: Cutting Board, DIY Raised Planter, and Live Edge Side Table w/Bowties & Colored Epoxy. Most classes we offer will gain you access to our Open Studio time, whether you can purchase an hourly package to book studio time. Many of our beginner students become self-guided after receiving a class or two. This affords them the ability to set their own schedule, and create whatever their heart desires! Click on the link above to find out more about our qualifying classes, general policies, and how you can reserve storage space and order wood for your personal use.

Ultimately, it’s not about what you make. It’s about the satisfaction of making something yourself, and learning about the robust joy you can experience from using your hands. If you have any questions, or would like more information about a particular class or service, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us today.